The novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) in 2019/20 has made “work from home) (WFH) the new normal. For many employees who thought all that is needed is a laptop and an internet connection, the reality has come as a rude shock. Many organizations, too, are realizing the breadth of capabilities needed to ensure productivity does not suffer.

Our IT support pros in Toronto are talking about the things that matter.

NUMENTIS is functioning at full operational capacity during the COVID-19 emergency. Our team continues to deliver projects on time, and we are available for all onsite and offsite support. To ensure the safety of clients and staff, and to adhere to government guidelines on social distancing, we are limiting in-person meetings and permitting only task-critical travel.

What Do You Need for Employees to Be Able to Work Productively from Home?

Remote access – Access to software, documents, emails and calendars requires remote access. Essentially, this brings the work desktop/mobile environment to the home as a complete package. Employees simply log into their company’s network and all their work is transported home. Professionally configured access is also much more secure than public cloud storage services.

VPN connectivity – A virtual private network encrypts and isolates data being transmitted by a business device (mobile, tablet, computer). It means confidential information is shared only with authorized mobile clients and is much less likely to be hijacked by cyber-attacks.

Video conferencing – A lot has been said of video conferencing since WFH became the new normal. Zoom has become particularly popular, along with Google Hangouts, Skype Business and Microsoft Teams. Whichever platform the organization uses, it must be configured by IT support in Toronto. Default settings can make video chats public, put confidential information at risk, and let hackers listen-in.

Don’t get ‘Zoom bombed’: Make sure video conferences are held only from business devices configured by your IT outsourcing team in Toronto.

Web conferencing – Web conferences are more than just video calls. These enable large meetings (with 20+ participants), presentations, Q&A sessions, analytics gathering, webinar creation, advanced collaboration, file management, calendaring and collaborative editing. Web conferencing is essential for team environments.

IP telephony – Retaining work numbers remotely is essential for sales, CRM and support services. IP telephony essentially lets an organization transfer its intercom to the internet. Public phone numbers function like they do normally; calls can be analyzed; and IP telephony saves the business from having to reimburse huge phone bills. IT support in Toronto can help you stay on top of this.

Helpdesk – IT support in Toronto is an essential feature of successful WFH. It’s simply not good enough to configure employees’ laptops and bid adieu. A dedicated helpdesk helps resolve hundreds of little problems that crop up when working away from a familiar office environment.

Common Problems People Face When Working from Home

Our IT solutions team in Toronto sees most businesses face some common problems when their employees WFH.

  • Spotty/Intermittent internet connection drops
  • Damaged/lost devices
  • Network access from unsecured public Wi-Fi
  • Poor time management

An IT outsourcing team in Toronto cannot motivate your employees to work, but it sure can address the little issues that affect their productivity and even suggest software and programs to help keep accountability the same as if you were in-person.

Work from Home IT Solutions in Toronto

NUMENTIS helps organizations prepare and configure their operations for remote access and WFH. Our IT solutions team in Toronto also monitors networks and devices in real time to minimize the risk of cybertattack. Call us today to find out how we can help you resolve the little problems that reduce your employees’ productivity.