Lockdowns are in effect around the world to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This means a new era of work from home. Small, mid-sized and large businesses are preparing their offices for work from home and the ‘virtual office’. That’s not to say working from home is just a matter of sending a few emails. A network must be able to handle VPNs, vast amounts of network traffic and offer low latency.

Building a network that has the bandwidth and security framework to handle such varied traffic requires expert IT support in Mississauga.

Innovative IT Services in Mississauga

NUMENTIS has architected and deployed to several clients a solution that allows organizations to deploy an always-on VPN network connected to the office. This provides several advantages from a performance and management perspective – as well as enabling IP telephony and other peripherals.

The solution consists of five or more routers and 1 head end device (a more capable router) deployed at the client’s head office. The end user/employee simply has to plug their laptop or desktop into the router for the same experience as they would have at the office.

Our lightweight and cost-effective solutions make us one of the few IT companies in Mississauga that are great business partners for clients.


Essentials of a Telecommuting-Ready Network

There are three things that are indispensable for building a network that can support operations reliably: bandwidth, VPN, and security.


It may be a good idea to invest in additional bandwidth if your organization runs resource-heavy applications over the network. File sharing applications and remote desktops can consume a lot of bandwidth; bandwidth that may have been adequate during normal working conditions can feel woefully insufficient when dozens of employees are trying to log into their workstations remotely.

An alternative to adding bandwidth is adopting Platform as a Service or Software as a Service. Employees still have access to the requisite capability but aren’t using any network resources to access them.



Does your organization have sufficient VPN licenses to allow all employees to work simultaneously? Raising the user limit is a first step to continuing operations safely. However, VPN usage increases server runtime; capacity may have to be increased to ensure VPN requests are handled promptly. Also check if the firewall can handle the additional VPN connections. Security hardware can have hardware limits on the maximum number of users, and additional firewall capacity may have to be added here too. Our IT services in Mississauga offers efficient VPN solutions that work seamlessly with your network.


Security measures

VPNs provide a secure connection between remote devices and the company network. For an optimized setup, consider split tunnelling, which directs critical traffic through the VPN and non-essential web traffic through public internet. Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security. Companies should also review security policies about device usage and file storage.


IT Services in Mississauga

Perhaps the most important thing that helps you keep running your operations smoothly is IT support in Mississauga. Our rapid response team helps keep employees connected to the company network and troubleshoots problems remotely. Our helpdesk is recognized as one of the best of all IT companies in Mississauga. Speak to a representative to find out about cost-effective work from home solutions.