Save the date: January 14, 2020, officially marks the end of Microsoft’s support for Windows 7.  What is Windows 7? Only Microsoft’s most popular operating system – and possibly one of the most widely used OS’s in the world.

Feature updates for Windows 7 have been curtailed for a few years now. However, 2020 marks final deprecation, making the OS extremely unsafe for the vast majority of users. Microsoft will no longer be providing security updates to Windows 7, and you will need IT professionals’ services to upgrade your system.

Fact: Windows 7 was released 10 years ago.

What does no support mean for Windows 7 users?

Over the years Microsoft has made numerous efforts to entice users to more modern operating systems, such as Windows 10. However, millions of people continue to use Windows 7. Here’s what it means if you are still using it after 2020.

  • Vulnerabilities will remain unpatched.
  • Constantly increasing threat of malware.
  • No feature updates so you will slowly fall out of sync with new and existing software.
  • No more technical support from Microsoft.
  • Growing incompatibility issues with new hardware and software.
  • No support for modern computing technologies.
  • A thriving economy of the “Microsoft support scam” will strengthen phishing and extortion attacks.

Fact: Its immediate successor, Windows 8, never overtook Windows 7 in adoption.

So who will be affected most by Windows 7’s sunset? What should you do to prepare yourself (if you haven’t already)? Is it time to call IT support in Toronto?

Who this will affect the most

If you think only the tech ‘unsavvy’ will be affected by this news, think again. Industrial and commercial organizations continue to rely on Windows 7 as the backbone of their custom software and hardware. Some examples include:

  • Manufacturing units
  • Hospitals
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Point-of-sale terminals and inventorying tools

Therefore, while consumer versions of Windows 7 (including those used by small to mid-size businesses) are orphaned, Microsoft is giving certain enterprise users a longer grace period.

Extended Security Updates till 2023

Microsoft has announced that customers with Enterprise level agreements can opt to receive security patches and support for Windows 7 till 2023. The catch? Support will be paid for per system the OS is run on.

The pricing scale for Extended Security Update is as follows:

1st year of ESU – $25 per device

2nd year of ESU – $50 per device

3rd year of ESU – $100 per device

Even then Microsoft will only be providing patches for more serious vulnerabilities and there will be no other updates to the operating system.

Fact: Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 10, took nearly four years to overhaul Windows 7 as the most popular OS in the world!

What it means for you

If you think you’ll be able to hold on to Windows 7 on your precious personal laptop or desktop for a few more years, you’re out of luck. Only large enterprise customers have this option, and the pricing structure makes it clear that Microsoft is encouraging users to rapidly switch to newer operating systems.

If your business is reliant on computers still running Windows 7, it is imperative that you contact IT professional services immediately. Windows 10 is extremely well supported and will only increase the functionality you will receive.

Contact NUMENTIS your IT support in Toronto to start migrating your data and applications to Window 10 or open-source operating systems.