January 14, 2020, marked the end of official support for Windows 7. True to its word, Microsoft has stopped providing security updates for this old operating system. It had stopped introducing feature updates a few years previously.

Can’t give up your Windows 7 computer? According to reports, even as late as December 2019 nearly a quarter of Windows OS users were still using Windows 7! Now that Microsoft has laid Windows 7 support to rest, what happens next? Our expert IT support services team will tell you what you are going to face now.

Did you know Windows 7 was installed on nearly half of all computers in the world in 2016!

Windows 7 will not work after 2020, right?

No! January 14, 2020, marks the end of Microsoft’s support for the OS – it does not mean computers will stop working. Your computer will continue to function as it did before; but it will not receive any security updates, making it more and more vulnerable to cyber attacks every passing day.

One change you will have probably noticed is the frequent reminder notices from Microsoft urging you to update your system to a newer OS, like Windows 10.

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 What if a security flaw is found in Windows 7 tomorrow?

Let’s put it this way, we wouldn’t store, type or create any sensitive personal or professional information on a Windows 7 machine ourselves! When a security flaw is found in Windows 7, Microsoft will not issue a patch or fix to close that vulnerability. It means your computer is becoming an easier target for hackers every day.

My Windows 7 computer can still do everything a new computer can, right?

Windows 7 already relies on old technologies that are either too old or are being phased out on the internet. The latest hardware and software don’t guarantee compatibility (or even usability) on old Windows machines. Financial institutions too are increasingly preventing log-in from computers that still run old OSes.

Even cloud services, from basics like email and storage to more advanced services like web hosting and remote computing, are restricting support for old browsers. Windows 7 does not support hardware acceleration to the same extent as modern systems and is not supported by browsers that can handle modern APIs. What’s more, providers of IT consulting services may refuse to connect your computer to company networks because of the chances that it will introduce malware.

What are the risks of using Windows 7 after January 14, 2020?

Whether you are using Windows 7 for your business or personal use, you are risking severe cyber intrusion, data loss, and identity theft. Here’s what is happening every passing day.

  • Being connected to the internet becomes more dangerous as malware, spyware, and ransomware can sneak through unpatched loopholes.
  • New hardware and software are not supported on your system and will reduce your productivity.
  • You are missing out on modern collaboration, cloud, and connectivity features.

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