Over the years, the business has been inundated with collaboration tools. Unfortunately, instead of becoming easier, ‘collaborating’ has become harder than ever with a multitude of tools – each with its own steep learning curve.

Perhaps, then, it is ironic that we are talking about ‘Teams’, a Microsoft product, that may just have perfected unified communication and brought standards online communication so sorely needs. As an IT support company in Mississauga which works with organizations in many different fields, we have seen enormous demand for Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams’ free version also offers powerful communication, but with limitations on storage and offline use.

Why has Microsoft Teams become the go-to communication platform?

Microsoft Teams has kept the formula simple: it un-complicates collaboration and leverages Microsoft Office 365’s wide install base. Though single-window programs risk becoming overly complex messes, Teams have avoided that trap; navigation is easy, and it works reliably. Also, where Microsoft’s standing in the corporate environment was once in decline, the company has rebounded with a sharp focus on services.

This means businesses no longer must invest in three or four different platforms to communicate with clients, customers, and vendors. Speak to an experienced IT services provider in Mississauga to help simplify and unify your internal and external communications.

Office 365, of which Microsoft Teams is a part, is used by 1 in 5 corporate employees!

A brief introduction to Microsoft Teams

Teams tie a lot of communication tools into one. Microsoft calls it ‘intelligent communication’; for everyone else, it means you can chat, voice and video call, host online meetings, share files and tasks through one single app. No wonder our IT services in Mississauga receive so many requests from CIOs to implement Microsoft Teams.

How Microsoft Teams unifies communication

It brings together several different capabilities that enable effective internal and external communication.

Messages – The return of the desktop ‘IM’, Teams offers a simple chat window. It even has built-in real-time translation capability, which means cross-language communication is finally a reality!

Meetings – If you have been using Google Hangouts for hosting meetings, Teams will blow your mind. Meetings support up to 250 participants from different organizations. You can also verify callers who are dialing-in over the phone. If a participant loses their connection, they can simply dial back in too.

Office 365 adoption has far surpassed GSuite, taking over a 50% share of the market and putting Microsoft Teams on millions of computers.

Calls – Microsoft Teams incorporates powerful calling technologies, including administrative rights, call queuing, auto-attending, call forwarding and even out-of-office support. Calls can even be routed to your telephone service.

Integration – Skype users can now join Teams meetings and existing Skype for Business accounts can be linked with Teams. In 2020, interoperability with Pexip, Polycom and Blue Jeans VTC systems is expected as well.

Call recording – Need to record calls in compliance with your policies or for contractual obligations? Microsoft Teams will be introducing compliance call recording to the program too, allowing you to customize your private message to callers, as required.

Make sure you rely on the most responsive IT companies in Mississauga to fully realize the potential of Microsoft Teams for your organization.

Benefits of Microsoft teams

  1. Included with Office 365 and tight integration with other applications
  2. Industry-standard platform with extensive interoperability
  3. Complete communication and collaboration tool-in-one
  4. The simpler interface means less time spent troubleshooting
  5. Customizable workspaces available for different teams
  6. New team members don’t face a steep learning curve
  7. IT companies in Mississauga can set up Teams as part of Office 365 roll-out

Call IT support in Mississauga to get started with Microsoft Teams

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