Using Apps to Make the Most of Your Workday

The Microsoft 365 suite of productivity apps is vast. So vast that most people only scratch the surface of what these apps can actually do. For most, the standard functionality and default setup are enough. Especially when an expert IT professional services team sets up the workstation, you don’t really need to tinker under the hood of these apps.

That said, keep reading our Office 365 tips and tricks 2020 (and 2021) and discover some really handy features. These can make you more productive and save you from those “Oops, deleted that accidentally!” moments.

Microsoft Office 365 Tips and Tricks 2020

Microsoft is always updating its suite of productivity apps. And as a 365 customer, your software is gaining useful features regularly (and usually without you even noticing). That’s why we are focusing on tips and tricks for 2020 and early 2021. Expect the company to roll in another big feature set by Q2 2021. Our IT professional services team in Oakville shares some time-saving productivity tips and tricks.

Use Android and iOS apps

There was a time when Microsoft Office lived on – and only on – Windows computers. No longer! Office 365 has broken free not only from the laptop and desktop – nearly full-featured versions of its software are available on Android, iOS, and Mac! That means you can go completely mobile and maintain the same functionality on-the-go. Office 365 apps are available on iPhones and iPads, and virtually all Android smartphones and tablets. Best of all, all apps integrate cloud functionality too.

Cloud storage

Microsoft has really transformed productivity with its OneDrive system of cloud storage. Now you truly have ‘everything everywhere.’ Cloud backup lets you access the same documents you want on any device. OneDrive is fully integrated with other Office 365 apps and is even available via a web browser. For instance, simply open Word (Office 365) on your phone to pick up editing a document where you had left off on your computer.

Easier version control and easy saving

For the longest time, version control and having to merge multiple versions during collaboration was a major concern. It’s why this was previously one of the most valuable Office 365 tips and tricks for 2020! Most Office 365 apps allow multiple users to work collaboratively on the same file. All changes are saved as different versions, making returning to an earlier version as easy as a click. Accidentally deleted something you didn’t want to? No need to panic; just restore an older version!

Another intelligent feature in SharePoint is the ‘Alert Me’ function, which alerts by email or text when changes are made to a particular file or folder.

Recall an email

How often have you wanted to ‘undo’ an email that you just sent? Enough times that Microsoft has incorporated a feature to recall an email in the latest versions of Outlook. Sent an email to the wrong recipients? Realized you left out important information after sending the email? Just recall it!

Note this feature is distinct from the ‘delayed send’ feature, so it may not work for all recipients.

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