As more employees are working from home, businesses are discovering they are more at risk of cyberattack. Remote work increases the opportunities for hackers to intercept networks and the reduced interaction between teams makes employees more susceptible to socially engineered attacks.

In this article we look at what IT services in Mississauga are finding to be the top security concerns when employees start working from home; what are some signs that can warn of a possible attack; and how businesses can protect against them.

Top Work from Home Security Threats

There are three broad weaknesses that are introduced when people start to work remotely. These are:

  • Insufficiently protected networks (home WiFi)
  • Phishing scams and social engineering
  • Inadequate passwords and poor password habits

Insufficiently Protected Networks (home WiFi)

Unlike at the workplace where the WiFi network and internet traffic is monitored for malicious activity by IT Security Professionals at IT companies in Mississauga, home wireless networks are far more open to attack. Cybercriminals can snoop in on network traffic, hack into networks, and even install malware on connected devices.

Phishing Scams and Social Engineering

Phishing scams are a type of social engineered attack. They are designed with a direct financial motive, to make people share data and confidential information. Phishing can come in the form of social media messages, emails with malicious attachments and links, and website redirects. Some of the most common ones are the ‘Fake CEO’ emails (impersonating a person of authority in the company) and “tech support scams”.

Inadequate Passwords and Poor Password Habits

The best VPNs and cloud security systems implemented by IT services in Mississauga can be compromised by an easy to guess or misplaced password. Employees using the same password across multiple platforms can compromise the entire business. Once an attacker is able to guess, brute force, or steal a password, he or she can manipulate the business, steal data and compromise systems.

Signs You Are Being Attacked or Have Fallen Victim to Cyberattack

A skilled cybercriminal will try to hide their tracks and signs that you have been compromised will not be obvious. Nevertheless, one or more of these can indicate that someone is trying to break into your system or has managed to do so.

  • Unexpected network traffic
  • Arbitrary computer activity
  • Usual passwords not working
  • VPN not letting you log in because a session is already active
  • Anti-virus software indicates the presence of malicious software
  • Being asked to share funds or sensitive information unexpectedly can suggest a phishing attack

How Our IT Services in Mississauga Are Keeping Employees Safe

As one of the most trusted IT companies in Mississauga, we have been working diligently since the COVID-19 imposed lockdowns took effect in the city, supporting businesses migrating operations to remote-enabled platforms. Security has remained the primary concern throughout this process. We help businesses:

  • Identify and secure sensitive information
  • Conduct remote training sessions for employees
  • Implement cloud-based security solutions
  • Offer responsive IT support in Mississauga

We are one of the few IT companies in Mississauga that are providing affordable and easy to implement work from home solutions. Speak to a NUMENTIS representative to discuss your requirements. Our team finds personalized solutions that are designed to meet your requirements.