Most of us have wrapped up our summer chilling and vacation by now and it’s time to dive back into work. But while we’re still drafting out the plan for fall work progress, what about giving your IT infrastructure a well-deserved break? Or even better: a much-needed upgrade.

Your mission-critical IT infrastructure needs an opportunity to refresh, too, so that it can continue to do its best at providing you with the power to maintain and accelerate your economic growth.

Instead of wasting money on inefficient hardware to collect dust, invest strategically in a Hyper-Converged Appliance (HCA) from NUMENTIS. Here are some of the benefits:

*             Unlock close to 100% of your underlying hardware potential

*             Scale freely without any hardware compatibility lists

*             Break free from ever needing to buy any physical SAN or NAS

*             Achieve true fault tolerance and high availability on 2 nodes

*             Enjoy peace of mind thanks to 24/7/365 Proactive Support

And don’t let data backup be an after thought, consider one of our Backup Solutions including our revolutionary Backup Appliance (BA)