Virtually all businesses have at least some confidential business information stored digitally. So, all business owners implement a data protection plan, right? Unfortunately, data protection policies and recovery plans have lagged.

Poorly designed data protection plans can mean inadequate security, an unmotivated workforce – and worst of all – unrecoverable data. Secure handling of data should be an integral part of any business strategy. Too many small and mid-size businesses have tarnished their reputations with lost customer data.

Protecting data starts with identifying what information should be secured.

In this article we look at the factors you should consider when formulating a data protection strategy.

Data backups & secure storage

CIO magazine reports that 70% of businesses have experienced data loss as a result of accidental deletion, disk failure, data corruption and due to other factors. A provider of managed IT services in Oakville can schedule automated backups to offsite servers. Backups are not just a passive resource; they are an active piece in the data security puzzle. With the right data backup solution, your disaster recovery solution can be all that more responsive.

Endpoint device protection

Mobility is a key contributor to the agile business strategy. That means, access to business information n mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. These endpoints are potential avenues for a cyberattack. It is not enough to ‘install an anti-virus’. Malware and keyloggers can be difficult to detect. Defending against this type of intrusion requires closing loopholes in devices, monitoring networks, and validating device activity.

Data protection plan must adequately balance security needs and interruption to a smooth workflow.

Evaluation of data protection strategies

Cyberattacks only become more sophisticated in their methods. Its why data security is a constantly evolving field – requiring novel approaches to keep systems secure. However, there is nothing more dangerous than a small or mid-size business owner who thinks their business ‘too small to be attacked’. In fact, small business is considered the most lucrative targets. As one of the most trusted IT consulting firms in Oakville, we help hundreds of businesses prepare their security systems for evolving cyber threats.

Disaster planning & recovery

The worry of complete data loss or data being hijacked by an intruder keeps many a business owner and CIO awake at night. It’s why planning for catastrophic loss of data and recovery is essential for every business! Regular backups are one part of that. Having the right IT consulting firms and recovery solutions will make sure your business is up and running in a matter of hours, not days. Therefore, disaster planning is integral to any holistic data protection plan.

Training and educating employees

The best data management and security systems can be rendered ineffectual by an unprepared workforce. If your employees don’t adhere to best practices, you may be compromising your own and client data. Negligent data loss (due to the actions of an employee) can even make you culpable for breach of contract. Make sure your provider of managed IT services in Oakville conducts regular training to update employees on security policies.

Data security specialists

NUMENTIS works with clients to identify weak spots and potential points of intrusion. We work closely with business owners and managers to ensure data protection plans strike a fine balance, minimizing impediment to workflow and security. Call our security specialists to talk about your IT and data protection needs.