The internet is an invaluable asset for businesses. From collaborating and communicating with clients and customers to managing internal workflow, the internet enables all. In fact, services in the cloud have helped make small and mid-size businesses leverage the power of enterprise-level software.

No wonder October has been designated Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Cyber threats have similarly evolved in the past few years. As a company that provides complete managed IT services in Toronto, we have helped hundreds of clients stay one step ahead of cyberattacks.

In this article, we are listing out some simple ways in which you can make your systems a lot safer, without compromising on ease of use and user interface.

An experienced provider of managed IT services in Toronto can balance security requirements with usability.

About Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an internationally recognized initiative. It highlights the need for keeping safe online, whether on a personal or organizational level. There is a strong emphasis on building a culture of security in the workplace, not just an effort to incorporate the latest encryption and backup technologies.

Cybersecurity tips from an IT consultant in Toronto

Implementing an effective cybersecurity strategy starts with understanding the need for security. There is a common misconception that small businesses are too small to be attacked. In fact, SMBs are considered easier targets and more lucrative too.

Multi-factor authenticationAccording to Microsoft, this alone can block 99.9 per cent of automated attacks.

Monitoring and rapid response – Not every cyberattack can be prevented, but valuable minutes cannot be wasted. Real time monitoring tools and a responsive IT consultant in Toronto can make a huge difference.

Virtual Private Network – VPNs have long been considered ways to get around censorship, but they enable secure communication and access. Coupled with IP-filtering, VPNs help reduce intrusion, particularly when you are on the go.

Cyber scams cost Canadians more than $100 million every year, reports Toronto Star.

How you can make your IT safer

Cybersecurity is a fast-evolving subject. Solutions and strategies of today may not be as effective tomorrow. If there is one takeaway this Cybersecurity Awareness Month, let it be this: make your IT security agile. Here’s how you can make your organization more secure.

Security in the cloud – Just as CRM tools, dashboards and record-keeping have migrated to the cloud, cybersecurity solutions too are becoming increasingly cloud-based. As an IT consultant Toronto business rely on, we help our clients reduce their IT budgets while enhancing capability and providing flexible solutions.

Security training – Adherence to security protocol is essential not just for keeping your information safe, but also to ensure compliance. Regular training helps employees remain up to date on threats, such as socially engineered attacks. It helps sensitize them to the realities of cybersecurity and the real consequences of everyday actions.

IT Security Audit

Take the opportunity this Cybersecurity Awareness Month to assess your cybersecurity apparatus. We help small and mid-size businesses reduce their cybersecurity costs and enhance their cyber readiness too. Speak to a NUMENTIS representative today and schedule an audit of your cybersecurity.