The changing nature of business had put the impetus on business owners to adapt their IT infrastructure even before the COVID-19 outbreak. The need for agility, flexibility in operations, rapid deployment and keeping ahead of customer demands meant businesses were turning increasingly to IT consulting in Toronto. Consulting companies in Toronto have thus far empowered businesses with insight and cost reduction; now a managed services provider like us is ideally positioned to help businesses navigate the challenges of COVID-19.

According to COVID-19 has compelled over 80 per cent of organizations to address shortcomings in operating models.

How We Can Help Your Business Navigate These Uncertain Times

During a tough economic time such as the one brought by COVID-19, IT challenges reflect the broader short term goals of most organizations. A supportive IT consultant in Toronto must help ensure business continuity and provide flexible services for uncertain times.

1. Flexible SLAs and short -term services

Service level agreements that allow a business to scale its services rapidly give it the confidence that they are not being locked into a fixed long-term contract. Including add-on services on-demand provides options and allows the business to focus on itself. With so many services migrating to the cloud flexible SLAs are more of a reality than you might think.

2. Rapid turnaround

The virtually overnight COVID-19 lockdown across Canada showed the importance of an IT solutions company in Toronto being able to respond to demands rapidly. The faster an IT consulting company in Toronto is able to respond to infrastructure, device and capacity requirements less is the disruption your organization must endure.

3. Cybersecurity

With a large portion of the workforce working remotely, a whole host of cybersecurity concerns have arisen for businesses. From social engineering to malware, IT solutions in Toronto must implement strategies to train employees and protect sensitive information. An intelligent IT consulting company in Toronto will implement solutions that balance security and compliance.

4. Scalability

An IT consultant in Toronto can greatly enhance the agility of the organization by allowing it to scale its operations rapidly. Just-in-time capability can help a business reduce cost and position the business to make the most of growth opportunities as they arise. Scalability must be considered not just on an organizational level either; it should be considered at a micro level too (for instance, increased capacity for a new hire).

5. Minimizing downtime

When businesses are under pressure to ensure smooth service delivery for clients and customers, IT support and monitoring are essential. An IT consultant must provide an easily accessible helpdesk and keep operational downtime to a minimum. Same-day or next-day support can make all the difference to how quickly a business can meet evolving opportunities too.

IT consulting in Toronto that works with you

At NUMENTIS we are committed to providing every client the personalized attention they need to adapt their business to the unique challenges that have been presented because of COVID-19. Speak to a representative to discuss how we can help you reduce costs and make your IT infrastructure more efficient.