Nobody expected COVID-19 to push businesses to transition to such large scale remote operations so abruptly. With employees taking data, applications, and devices home, the role a remote IT support company has become indispensable. Now more than ever, an IT support services company like ours is helping equip clients with the right tools and solutions to fully support a remote workforce essential to maintaining business continuity.

An Increasingly Remote Workforce

Until a few years ago, IBM studies rate of people working remotely had remained steady at about 10 per cent. And it was a trend that pointed upwards. In 2019, over 50 per cent of on-site workers said they wanted to work remotely; only 19 percent said they preferred working on-site.

Our IT consulting services have been at the forefront of this wave of change. Business owners increasingly want to legislate for a larger proportion of their workforce being remote not just ‘work from home’. To support productive operations in such an environment, a remote IT management company must ensure access, communication and capability to all employees – CRM, sales, operations or CXO.


Reliable communication platforms become even more important when the team is working remotely. Communication must be instantaneous, reliable and easy. Applications must enable easy information sharing and be a sufficient replacement for non-verbal cues.

We recommend: Microsoft Teams (available free)

Meetings and presentations

Remote presentations, virtual meeting rooms and group video calls have replaced the conference room for internal and external stakeholders. A robust video platform that allows integrations or has a healthy plug-in community is essential for ease of use and low failure rates. Strict access control and security are key too.

We recommend: Microsoft Teams and Zoom

Project management

The right platform maintains hierarchy, has convenient time logging tools and allows easy task management. A remote IT support company must be at hand to provide real-time support in the event of onboarding. A great platform will be ‘invisible’, adapting to your workflow seamlessly.

We recommend: Jira

Time management

With reduced informal means of communication, a time management tool must allow collaboration and maximize productivity. It must integrate calendaring, project timers, productivity dashboards for the individual and the team with project management and operations software.

We recommend: Various, depending on your platform

File sharing

Cloud storage platforms must enable secure access to files anytime, anywhere. Applications must be available for all end-user terminals, including smartphones, tablets and workstations. It should allow convenient version control, collaboration and controlled access.

We recommend: OneDrive for Business, Google Drive (GSuite)

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NUMENTIS is helping small, mid-size and larger businesses streamline remote workforces. Whether you need a team for remote IT support, remote IT management team or IT consulting services to implement a cost-effective remote operations package, we are the team for you.

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