Cloud Backup Solutions for Home & Business in Toronto

Automatic Cloud Storage & Backup Solutions

Every business today has important data they can’t afford to operate without, from simple spreadsheets to entire physical servers. That data has strategic business value, and by keeping it protected with Cloud Backup Services, we help our clients focus on what matters most: grow and thrive as a business.

Our managed data protection platform puts the full power of automatic, encrypted cloud based backup technologies in one solution for our clients. At NUMENTIS, we are able to rapidly deploy cloud backup solutions to meet each of your unique risk, cost, and recovery needs.

“The median cost of downtime for an SMB is $12,500 per day” -Symantec

NUMENTIS Delivers Managed Data Protection & Cloud Based Backup

Protecting your mission-critical data has never been more important or easier to do. Our automated cloud backup services deliver complete data protection so you don’t have to worry about data loss, network failures, costly downtime, or even worse, closure of your business.

Today’s businesses rely on technology to get things done -- collecting, storing and transmitting growing amounts of data on a daily basis. Without the right Cloud Backup Solution in place, recovering your data may be impossible or too costly in the event of a disaster.

“94% of companies that suffer catastrophic data loss without backup close within two years” -PwC

NUMENTIS Covers All Your Data Backup

Files and Folders

Recover from the accidental deletion of any document, spreadsheet, or folder.

Exchange, SQL and System State

Enable backup and recovery of Exchange, SQL data, and System State.

System Images

Recover from hard drive crashes and computer viruses.

VMware and Hyper-V images

Restore full VM images from the cloud back to your host or our site.

“15,000 hard drives fail every day” -PwC

NUMENTIS Cloud Solutions Architected to Meet Enterprise Needs

Cloud Backup Solutions

Automatic Backups

We can schedule your cloud data backup to happen whenever you want, ensuring your RTO (recovery time objective) requirements are always met.

Best Online Backup Solutions for Small Business

Manage Local and Offsite Backups

Our flexible Cloud Backup Solution allows for any of your data to be stored online and/or saved to local storage – including your physical machines and your virtual machines -- eliminating the need for multiple backup solutions.

Trusted Online Backup Solutions

HIPAA- and FINRA- compliant encryption

Files are secured using 256-bit AES encryption and a private encryption key. SSL technology is used in data transmission. Your data is protected both onsite and over the Internet, ensuring industry compliance for Cloud Backup Services.

Cloud Based Backup Solutions for Every Business

Off-site Storage

Our Cloud Based Backup is stored in an SSAE 16 Type II compliant datacenter with redundant storage and biometric security located in Canada.

Robust Online Backup Services

Robust, Flexible Archiving

Data-archiving settings allow historical data to be saved as long as you need and meet applicable compliance standards.

Cloud Unlimited Storage Solutions

Multiple Revisions

Store an unlimited number of versions of the same file so there’s no fear of accidental deletion or overwriting a file.

Cloud Based Backup Notifications

Reporting and Notifications

We can send you notifications that your Cloud Based Backups have completed successfully, including detailed statistics, or we can setup a customer portal so you can see the technology in action.

Cloud Backup Solutions Supports every device

Multiple Device Support

Our Cloud Backup Solution lets you back up a single computer or server, multiple computers, laptops or even multiple offices.