Cloud Migration – Transform Your Business

‘Virtual business’ and remote operations have been a long time coming. Migrating computing, storage and hosting to the cloud has been key to that revolution. Businesses in Mississauga have been at the forefront of discovering the benefits of a mobile and agile workforce.

Since March 2020, however, the COVID-19 lockdown has quickened cloud migration. With “work from home” turning from a ‘new normal’ to the new ‘business as usual’, businesses are rapidly reconsidering where their data should reside and whether the on-premises option is still viable.

Companies like Amazon are adding 2000 servers every day to data centres ‘to meet rising demand’.

Migrating to the cloud has the benefit of making operations scalable, more reliable, and more accessible. It can reduce the financial overhead of the company enormously!



Cloud computing is an informal term for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and ancillary technologies. Simply, it means businesses can ‘outsource’ computing requirements, online backup storage solutions, graphics workloads and more to remote, professionally managed servers. We have helped many businesses move workloads, all or partial, to the cloud, leveraging cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud.

Practically, with IaaS you lease server capacity that you can use as you wish. This becomes a ‘dedicated’ server for your business. Anything that can be operated, stored, or computed in a physical on-site server can be used the same way on a cloud server.

There are tremendous advantages and cost-savings to be had from migrating to an IaaS model. Our IT professional services team explains the advantages of cloud backup solutions for business below.


Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

The advantages of migrating to the cloud can fill volumes, but we are limiting ourselves to a few.

Enable complete remote operations – With easy access to data and computing resources, employees are truly ready for remote work. Employees have access to all their regular applications and can work over the internet – anywhere.

Easy scalability – As demand increases so can your server capacity, in real time! Rapid scalability to meet demand and provisioning for peak demand helps businesses allocate their resources much more efficiently.

Do away with capital expenditure – With cloud computing, the days of investing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of infrastructure investments are a thing of the past. Businesses that need to upgrade technologies can benefit from enormous savings.

CAPEX becomes predictable OPEX – Large capital expenditure is turned into much more manageable and predictable monthly operational expenditure. Transparent pricing makes long term budgeting and contingency planning possible.

Reduced IT staffing – Businesses realize substantial savings in IT payroll as management of IT systems and IaaS is handed over to the experts at a managed IT services provider. An added benefit is that the business has specialists working for it, rather than a jack-of-all-trades in-house IT team.

Expanding globally becomes easier – With cloud datacenters businesses find it is much easier to expand to new markets around the world. Multi-region service delivery can be enabled with minimal effort (and cost) with cloud servers.

Cloud backup solutions for business – Backup in the cloud has meant disaster recovery is faster, backups are more frequent and there is much less of a chance of human error.


Cloud backup solutions for business

NUMENTIS works with businesses to migrate their operations to the cloud responsibly and safely and implement online backup storage solutions. We help preserve critical workflows while making service delivery more efficient. With our IT professional services, business owners have the confidence of responsive support and experienced technicians. Speak to a representative to schedule a consultation for your business.