Cloud – one small word that has changed how businesses do business. CEOs and business owners are astounded at how migrating their organization changes how they look at IT. It’s all gone – no more enormous onsite servers, power back up, kilometres of cables, and an army of staff to manage it all.

Instead, employees access software and data through their terminals, tablets and mobile phones. New capabilities are ‘installed’ immediately, and service delivery is tightly controlled.

But what are the benefits an organization can expect? And how should it go about migrating its operations? Our cloud migration IT consulting services team explains.

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It is estimated that nearly 100% of enterprises will be using some form of cloud services in 2020.

What Are the Benefits of Moving to Cloud Backup Solutions for Business?

Cost savings – The biggest advantage is the elimination of the need to purchase expensive IT hardware such as servers, complex networking systems, power back up and the associated electricity costs. No longer is a large in-house IT team required to maintain these systems; rather an IT consulting services provider can give your business ample support.

Scalability – Increase or decrease the amount of storage needed, terminal connections and computing power required nearly instantly. Such flexibility ensures optimum IT spend; a boon especially for start-ups and small businesses.

Innovation – Cloud computing makes a business much more agile and innovative, as cutting-edge technologies are made available to everyone.

Analytics – Improve customer service by analyzing customer engagement data and changing sales funnels in real time. New service offerings can also raise businesses’ revenues.

Productivity – An agile and empowered workforce is able to respond to queries anytime and anywhere. Duplication of effort is significantly reduced and collaboration becomes much easier.

A study by Dell found that organizations that used cloud services showed about 50% higher revenue growth rates than those that did not.

How to Move Your Organization to the Cloud

The right IT consulting services provider – that’s key to a successful cloud migration effort. An experienced vendor will evaluate your needs and suggest online backup storage solutions and other capabilities that are right for you. Speak to a responsive and trusted partner in Mississauga to implement the right cloud solutions – affordably.

Since every company requires different capabilities, let’s understand the ingredients to make your cloud transition as smooth as possible.

Set milestones – Projects that set ‘completion’ as the only milestone are more likely to run into trouble. Small milestones let your business gauge progress, understand challenges to adoption, resistance to change – and even call “pause” to let the business acclimate.

Experienced IT team – Having the right people makes all the difference. Experienced IT professionals can anticipate technical problems; refine systems for unique workflows, and troubleshoot effectively. The right team will save a business from needless downtime.

Security-first – Give security the importance it deserves. Even the best cloud implementation can be thwarted by the unauthorized intrusion. The focus must be placed on securing web browsers, planning contingencies for lost phones and laptops, password management and virtual private networks (VPN).

Employee training – Training enables a workforce to make full use of the advanced capabilities of the cloud. Training is of two types – cloud training to understand new systems and security; and software-specific training. Best of all training improves buy-in and reduces resistance to change.

Best Cloud Backup Solutions for Business in Mississauga

At NUMENTIS we understand that migrating from legacy poses logistical, technical and human resource questions. That’s why we work closely with every business to understand its timelines. From online backup storage solutions to AI-enabled CRM, we deploy complete cloud packages. Speak to a representative about your business’s needs today.