An organization looking for a managed IT services provider will have many expectations. It must provide the services the company needs; service offerings must be cost-effective, and IT consulting & services in Oakville must help make the business altogether more efficient.

While capability and cost are obvious selection factors, there are five things any business owner should look for in an IT company, especially one which provides managed IT services for small business.

managed IT service

What is a managed IT services provider?

Managed services providers (or MSPs) manages a business’s IT remotely. It is why ‘managed IT services’ and ‘cloud service providers’ are used so interchangeably. Their services are typically provided under a service level agreement (SLA), which can be a monthly, quarterly or annual commitment.

An MSP provides support remotely. Networks and IT infrastructure are monitored by an off-site team; though the support team will provide on-site support for system implementation and troubleshooting.

What you should look for in an MSP

Flexible contract

One of the biggest advantages of opting for an MSP is flexibility. A business should be able to scale up (or scale down) services and capabilities as it needs; commit to services on a project-by-project basis, and not be bound by long term contracts.

Look for flexibility in the contract your MSP is offering. Especially for small businesses, managed IT services must have provisions for changing the scope of the contract without prohibitive fees and penalty clauses.

Flexibility also comes in the form of service bundling. Too many services offered as part of a package will mean you are spending money on capabilities you don’t even need, defeating the cost advantage of outsourcing IT consulting & services.


Look for a managed IT services provider in Oakville that emphasizes security. Find out how the MSP secures IT infrastructure and network. The SLA must include monitoring of web traffic to and from your systems; regularly updated firewalls; and protection from hacking attempts.

Since the MSP may be backing up your data on its servers, you need to see how its own systems are secured too. It must show a high level of diligence protecting its own systems from exposure to cyber threats. Check for compliance with the latest industry security standards.


Businesses are often bound by IT compliance requirements in sensitive commercial contracts. These can be regarding protocols and standards for data storage, communication, privacy policies and more. Failure to adhere to compliance standards can mean hefty fines and even termination of the contract.

An MSP must ensure your IT systems comply with your contractual obligations. It is a sign of experienced IT consulting & services if it can do so without tying your processes into a confused knot.

Third-party partnerships

The IT industry relies on vendor support – for hardware, software and cloud services. For an MSP to offer cost-effective and responsive IT services, it must have partnerships with vendors. An MSP with strong industry partnerships will be able to get you better deals on procurement and more favourable contracts.

Don’t just take the representative’s word about partnerships; be upfront and ask what vendors an MSP works with and how you will benefit.

Rapid response

Any MSP is going to offer an IT helpdesk and claims fast response times. But claims should translate into action. Server downtime, cyberattack, and lost devices are not the time to discover an MSP does not have the capacity to deal with rapidly evolving threats.

An MSP must be clear about its support services and propose troubleshooting time frames. Service tokens, initial response, and emergency response must be outlined too. It shows a maturity in process and the MSP’s experience fixing problems timely.

Managed IT services

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