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Security Spring Cleaning

I trust 2018 is already off to a fantastic start for your business. As I talk with customers like you and examine the technology landscape, one consistent theme is an increased pace of change not just in technology but in the kinds of assets and information businesses and professionals are looking to protect. Our mission here at NUMENTIS is to help keep our customers’ data safe and secure, especially when so much is depending on it and the cost of losing it is extremely high.

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How to Find the Right Partner to Secure Your Digital Transformation

Many business owners are still hesitant to adopt transformation technology such as Cloud Services because they are concerned about costs, interruption to current services and having to learn and develop new processes and procedures. Unfortunately, these short-sighted worries will result in limitations to both business growth and revenue. In today’s global market, a digital transformation is key to business success. Read More ›

Protecting Our Customers from Advanced Threats

It was only a matter of time before ransomware made international headline news; and repeatedly. First, it was the WannaCry attack that spread globally in a matter of days, then the more recent NotPetya attack hitting businesses hard, affecting both large global corporations and small to midsize businesses (SMB).

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