Using Apps to Make the Most of Your Workday

The Microsoft 365 suite of productivity apps is vast. So vast that most people only scratch the surface of what these apps can actually do. For most, the standard functionality and default setup are enough. Especially when an expert IT professional services team sets up the workstation, you don’t really need to tinker under the hood of these apps. Read More ›

What is the Right Antivirus for You?

“What antivirus should I get?” That’s a popular question among personal and professional users alike. With so many options out there, how do you figure out which antivirus is best? Will free antivirus be good enough? Should you shell out for a paid version of Norton or McAfee? In this article, we help you identify which antivirus is right for you. Read More ›

What is Your Maintenance Really Costing You?

Knowing and predicting IT maintenance costs is one of the main concerns for decision-makers. For too many, IT costs seem to be an opaque and ‘non-productive’ expenditure; fortunately, that is rarely the case. As an IT professional services company, we work with businesses to streamline their IT expenditure and maximize return on investment. Read More ›

Break-Fix vs. Managed IT Services: Reactive Vs. Proactive

With the financial pressures COVID-19 lockdowns are creating for businesses, it is no surprise many are exploring options that can “save on IT expenses.” And many are debating between break/fix vs. managed services models of IT services in efforts to reduce monthly expenses. But is break/fix really the cost-saving alternative that you think it is? Read More ›

Email Threats You Need to Know About

There has been a jump in cybercrime ever since COVID-19 forced millions of Canadian workers into remote work. Digital communication in the form of messaging platforms (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat) and emails have replaced, to a large extent, the natural verbal communication people are accustomed to. So it’s no surprise cyberattackers have tried to manipulate these channels of communication. Read More ›

Why Monitoring Software Are the Key to Remote Working Environments

The large scale ‘work from home’ necessitated by COVID-19 has thrown up technical challenges; perhaps more importantly it has raised questions about managing human capital too. People are, after all, the beating heart of any company. And businesses are looking for ways to ensure employee productivity without demoralizing the workforce. Read More ›

How to Prepare Against Insider Threats?

The best cyber security protocols can be undone by human actions. An employee compromising their work credentials can open the door for cyber criminals to get into the company network. In a recent survey over two-thirds of organizations said they feel “moderately to extremely vulnerable to insider attacks”. As workforces in Mississauga have become remote en masse in light of COVID-19, this insider threat has grown exponentially. Read More ›

4 Key Trends Influencing the Trajectory of Technology

As the COVID pandemic stretches on, businesses are shifting from short-term reactions to longer-term strategy. As much as people have talked about this being the “new normal,” the general attitude has actually NOT been to view this time period as permanent. Instead, people act as though it is temporary. While parts of our current environment will certainly change, the trajectory of technology is something that businesses should be considering today.

In some ways, this new trajectory is similar to the path we were on before the pandemic. Many people have made the observation that several trends have accelerated over the past several months, so these key trends should look familiar. What’s changed is the priority of each topic and the way they are now being combined to support operations. When considering budget and skills for the year to come, these are the areas that IT leaders should be focused on.

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