What to Do When Your Computer is Infected

Nobody expects a computer to be infected, which is why it catches most people completely off guard. If you suspect your computer has been infected by a virus, malware, spyware, or ransomware, the first and most important step is to not panic. Most cyberattacks are socially engineered, designed to illicit a hasty response from the user. That’s when the real damage can occur. Read More ›

How to Calculate the Cost of a Cyberattack

There’s no doubt that ransomware and other cyberattacks can inflict great damage to a company. But how much? How much money and how much opportunity is gone for you and your customers by not maintaining a cybersecure environment?

One narrative, now well-established, notes that a cyber-attack can not only impact the productivity of an organisation but lead to the loss of a production line for a period of time and in doing so cause crippling revenue losses. Something as small as a general email ‘phishing’ attack, where employees are sent an email containing a malicious link, can have a devastating impact.

Cybercriminals can infect a manufacturer’s network with malware or ransomware, rendering its IT systems unusable, impacting its reputation and leaving it with a sizable bill.

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Why Is Ransomware Spiking Now (And How Can We Fight It)?

Things seem to have settled into a tenuous rhythm since the initial shock to our institutions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The shift to an all- or mostly remote workplace has not been without its hiccups but has allowed many companies to continue doing business while stemming the spread of the virus. This new, sudden and unexpected way of working, though, has had consequences. Just as there have been – and will continue to be – unforeseen social, economic, infrastructural and individual challenges as a result of the pandemic, there have also been unanticipated challenges in the world of cybersecurity.

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Become a Microsoft 365 Expert in 2021

The Microsoft 365 roadmap is a busy one, indeed! There are a host of refinements and functionality updates that are planned until the end of 2020, but the major feature roll-outs have been planned for 2021. There are several changes in the pipeline that affect Microsoft 365 fundamentals. Read More ›

How to Keep Your Computer Working Like New

Does it feel like your computer is not running as snappily as it used to? Don’t worry; over the course of a few years, computers become cluttered with leftover software and junk files that can hamper their performance. In this article, we look at a few simple fixes (many of which you can perform yourself right now) and make your computer feel fast again. Read More ›

Using Apps to Make the Most of Your Workday

The Microsoft 365 suite of productivity apps is vast. So vast that most people only scratch the surface of what these apps can actually do. For most, the standard functionality and default setup are enough. Especially when an expert IT professional services team sets up the workstation, you don’t really need to tinker under the hood of these apps. Read More ›

What is the Right Antivirus for You?

“What antivirus should I get?” That’s a popular question among personal and professional users alike. With so many options out there, how do you figure out which antivirus is best? Will free antivirus be good enough? Should you shell out for a paid version of Norton or McAfee? In this article, we help you identify which antivirus is right for you. Read More ›

What is Your Maintenance Really Costing You?

Knowing and predicting IT maintenance costs is one of the main concerns for decision-makers. For too many, IT costs seem to be an opaque and ‘non-productive’ expenditure; fortunately, that is rarely the case. As an IT professional services company, we work with businesses to streamline their IT expenditure and maximize return on investment. Read More ›

Break-Fix vs. Managed IT Services: Reactive Vs. Proactive

With the financial pressures COVID-19 lockdowns are creating for businesses, it is no surprise many are exploring options that can “save on IT expenses.” And many are debating between break/fix vs. managed services models of IT services in efforts to reduce monthly expenses. But is break/fix really the cost-saving alternative that you think it is? Read More ›

Email Threats You Need to Know About

There has been a jump in cybercrime ever since COVID-19 forced millions of Canadian workers into remote work. Digital communication in the form of messaging platforms (Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat) and emails have replaced, to a large extent, the natural verbal communication people are accustomed to. So it’s no surprise cyberattackers have tried to manipulate these channels of communication. Read More ›