5 Must-Have Features for a BCDR Solution

In today’s cutthroat environment, businesses cannot afford downtime due to cyberattacks, hardware or software failure, natural disaster or human error. That’s why a robust business continuity and disaster recovery solution (BCDR) is imperative for their survival. We at NUMENTIS deliver efficient BCDR solutions that our clients can rely on to keep business-critical processes up and running at all times.

1. Ransomware-Based Protection

Many MSPs host their backup solution on Windows and when ransomware incidents occur, it renders the backup recovery points useless. To avoid such mishaps, we built our solution from
the ground up to withstand ransomware attacks. Our BCDR solution scans for any ransomware-like behavior that has occurred on the production machines by investigating the backups we are taking.

2. Recovery Assurance

Many BCDR solutions verify the viability of the backup restore points by simply validating the embedded checksum or by just taking a screenshot of a login screen. Numerous MSPs report being lulled into a false sense of security with these methodologies. Our Recovery Assurance feature ensures backups are viable and available in the event of a recovery scenario.

3. File Indexing for Restores

A simple file restore is one of the most common restores requested by clients. They sometimes provide general time frames of when the file last existed on the production server. This results in a tedious process of mounting each restore point and manually scanning to see if the file existed at that specific restore point, which wastes valuable tech time. Our BCDR solution comes standard with the ability to index all files present within your backups so all you have to do is search for the file name and your file is automatically located and presented to you.

4. Bring Your Own Cloud

While some vendors force you into using their cloud or an approved third-party cloud, Our BCDR solution allows you to choose where you store our clients’ data including BackBlaze, Azure, AWS, etc. as well as Canadian-based Data Centres.

5. Deduplication and Compression

With our proprietary technology, we create the smallest footprint for your backups on the appliance by leveraging deduplication and compression rates. Not only does this save valuable tech time but also makes offsite syncing much more efficient and effective. This drastically reduces or eliminates trips to client sites.