A Virtual Private Network (VPN) expands your business’ capabilities and makes your employees productive on the road. Most importantly, they help safeguard confidential information. In fact, in recent years, many business contracts have started to require information access and transfer only over VPNs.

Does your business not have access to modern VPN protocols? You may be missing out on bigger contracts.

Cyber security has been the primary driver behind VPNs. They have helped:

  • Communicate and share information securely over public networks
  • Ensure restriction-free access to services around the world
  • Fulfill compliance and regulatory requirements

In a consumer context, VPNs have become popular for letting people browse websites freely in countries that censor content. For a business, however, VPNs offer a lot more than just access: they offer security. Only with a trusted provider of IT services in Mississauga to ensure seamless operation. In fact, responsive IT support in Mississauga is essential to minimize network downtime and address connectivity issues.

Secure communication over public networks
Publicly accessible or third party networks are inherently unsecure. Simply, a cybercriminal or snooping third-party can read and record the information you are sharing. Using a VPN, your employees add a much deeper layer of security and encryption. Whether using public Wi-Fi at a coffee chain or client’s business network, your clients’ and customers’ confidential information will be safer and less likely to be targeted.

Securing client information
If your businesses handles confidential information for clients or works with Big Data, VPNs are essential. Critical information should not be shared over unsecured networks. Many companies stipulate that their information not be transmitted over the internet, where it can be intercepted. Especially if you are working with information collected from the public, it is essential your practices meet data privacy standards set by regulators around the world.

Stay connected on the road with devices that don’t get blocked by client and vendor IP-filtering mechanisms.

Complete access to your tools
Censorship is not limited to countries with strict content policies. Companies have blockers on their firewalls too. It means your employees are unable to access the information they need when working remotely. Moreover, clients who are sensitive about security may require IP validation for communication and access. Used responsibly, VPNs can ensure your legitimate business information is not blocked by overzealous censorship.

Enhance remote productivity
IP validation is increasingly a reality in an interconnected and collaborative environment. If your business shares software resources and information with vendors and clients, it is likely that your access is restricted to certain IPs. Commonly, research tools allow only IP-based access. In these cases, your option for access is a VPN which provides a static IP address, regardless of where you are.

Affordable security and IT services in Mississauga

A VPN is not a complete cyber security policy by itself. It is an integral part of a wholesome policy. Fortunately, VPN pricing is flexible and scalable. Don’t require VPNs for all your communication or don’t have high data transfer needs? Opt for a basic plan which will cover occasional use. Conversely, you can ask your IT support in Mississauga to configure permanent VPN profiles on all your mobile devices for maximum security.

VPNs are a valuable capability every business should have. Speak to Numentis to understand how flexible VPN solutions are. Our specialists incorporate VPN deeply into your IT setup, ensuring minimal effect on your workflow.